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Frequently asked questions

Yes, each route in the Ibiza Routeplan is also easy to ride a scooter. Be aware that riding a scooter in Ibiza is a less safe choice than driving a car.
Yes, the routes are driveable by anyone with a driver’s license and set up by locals in Ibiza, so you won’t be led on unsafe roads. Some roads through the mountains will be a bit more exciting for novice drivers, but doable. The roads in Ibiza are generally good to drive.
Yes, the routes are also great fun to ride with children. Because the routes are diverse there is always something among them that the children will enjoy. For example, the children really like the typical Ibiza sights, such as those with the graffiti artworks. Along the way, there is always the opportunity to make a drinking stop or get an ice cream at one of the passing villages and the included lunch locations, for a break during the day, are right on the beach. The children can immediately swim and/or play on the beach. Want more advice on riding one of the routes with your kids? Then feel free to send us a message via our WhatsApp customer service. We are happy to think with you!
This is a very personal question and depends on how much time you have already spent exploring the island. Some travelers have been coming to Ibiza for 6 years, but mostly visit the same destinations, while others have only been going to Ibiza for 3 years and have already seen much of the island. However, we are told by several travelers that even though they have been to Ibiza before, they have still discovered new places. Good to know is that you can also customize the routes. Read more about this under the frequently asked question: can I customize the route according to my preferences.
Each route represents a day tour in Ibiza and lasts an average of 5-6 hours. This includes time to have lunch, relax on the beach and see the destinations. Example: leave around 10:00 am and be back around 4:00 pm. The duration is an indication and based on our advice, but is always adjustable by staying shorter or longer at the destinations and/or adding destinations.
Yes you do need a GPS, but do not need Internet connection to follow the routes. However, you do need to download the map from Google Maps so you can navigate offline. You can read how to do this in the Ibiza Routeplan under the heading: preparation.
Yes, our routes are continuously monitored by our team in Ibiza to incorporate any changes in roads, traffic situations or places of interest. We strive to always provide you with up-to-date information. Once you have purchased the Ibiza Routeplan you automatically become a member and can view the updates on our website under: Route Updates.
Yes, you can also enter the indicated navigation points into Apple Maps and drive the route based on them. Good to know is that the Ibiza Routeplan can only be used optimally using Google Maps. The hyperlinks in the route plan are linked to Google Maps and current. When the route plan is driven with Apple Maps, we cannot fully guarantee the quality. Therefore, our advice is to download Google Maps. You do this easily in the Appstore.

Yes, the routes are very easy to follow. You follow each route by using easy-to-follow steps together with the Google Maps App. Below we would like to give you an example of how to construct a step in the Ibiza Routeplan:

  • You enter the described navigation point on Google Maps or click on the link in the route plan to instantly show the correct route. Using our Google Maps example screenshot, you can see which route to choose to drive the right way.
  • Under the heading DEPARTURE you will read information that has to do with driving to the destination.
  • Under the heading ARRIVAL, you will read information about the location where you arrived.
  • Under the heading TO DO, read information about what you can do at the destination and read great insider tips.
  • A time indication is also given, so you know how long you can stay at the destination to keep to the advised time of the route.


Finally, safety warnings are described if necessary and parking recommendations are provided.

Although the routes are best to follow as set up by us, you can also choose to personalize them by adding, swapping or skipping destinations. Easily get inspiration for a new destination from one of the region’s other routes and personalize the route if desired.
You will receive the Ibiza Routeplan in the form of e-book that you can access digitally on your phone or tablet. After ordering, you will receive the Ibiza Routeplan directly in your email.
Yes, the routes can be driven with any type of car. For the ultimate Ibiza experience, choose a convertible or Jeep.
Yes, you can easily contact us through our WhatsApp service and we will be happy to help you with any concerns or questions. Click on the green button that is listed on the website to start a personal chat.
Yes, this is definitely possible! The Ibiza Routeplan includes suggested restaurants along the route to have lunch and enjoy local cuisine. Each route contains several alternatives, so you can always choose which restaurant best suits your needs.
No, the Ibiza Routeplan e-book is for personal use only and may not be forwarded. Forwarding is punishable. Does anyone else want the routes as well? Then let them place a new order on our website. Are you with a larger group and multiple cars? Then order 1 Ibiza Routepan per car.
The purchase of the Ibiza Routeplan is valid during the calendar year and is recommended for use within the same year. Minor updates we will mention on the Route Updates page and major updates we will make in the new calendar year. For this reason, we cannot guarantee quality if the purchase occurred outside the current calendar year. The recommendation is to order a new route plan for each new calendar year.