Why should you use Ibiza Routeplan?

10 reasons why you should choose to discover Ibiza with our self-guided island tours


1. You’ll discover Ibiza’s hidden and secret spots

The Ibiza Routeplan guides you beyond the tourist hotspots to discover the island’s hidden gems and secret spots. It’s the ultimate experience to discover more of Ibiza!


2. You discover Ibiza relaxed at your own pace

Unlike an organised tour, with the Route plan you have the flexibility to discover Ibiza at your own pace. Stop whenever and wherever you want to enjoy the sights. Want to stay longer on that beautiful beach? You can! Or prefer a spontaneous diversions to that cute village? No problem!


3. You discover Ibiza in a safe way

Our routes are carefully planned to let you tour Ibiza safely. Avoid roads that are poorly maintained and you receive detailed instructions and tips to ensure your safety.


4. You avoid losing precious holiday time

The Ibiza Routeplan leads you to destinations that are easy to combine and the plan avoids destinations that are difficult to reach, even in high season! Make the most of your time on the island, allowing you to see more and lose less time on getting lost and/or unnecessary detours.


5. You save time on preparation and planning

The Ibiza Routeplan offers ready-made day tours. This means you no don’t have to spend time scouring the internet and mapping out routes yourself. You instantly have a well-thought-out plan to discover Ibiza. Simply follow the routes and get to the most beautiful places on the island.


6. Something for everyone

Each route in our route plan offers a diversity of spots throughout the day. Whether you like idyllic beaches, historical sights, the picturesque villages or beautiful nature. It’s all there! Our routes contain diverse lunch locations, beach and swimming stops too, so something for everyone!


7. Cost-effective

The Ibiza Routeplan is a cost-effective way to discover the island compared to organised tours, which can easily cost you 80-100 EURO per person. Save money that you can use for fun other activities in Ibiza.


8. Personal contact

We have a personal WhatsApp customer service, you can ask all your questions, receive recommendations or any worries you may have will be relieved. So you can start your day relaxed and stay relaxed.


9. You are always provided with up-to-date information

All routes in the Ibiza Routeplan are continuously monitored by our team. For example changed locations, safety warnings, different opening hours or temporary closures. We post each update on our route updates page and can be viewed when you have purchased the Ibiza Routeplan.


10. You will receive extra benefits from one of our affiliated partners

When you buy the Ibiza Routeplan, you will receive discounts and extra advantages at our affiliated partners. Enjoy more great additions to your holiday on Ibiza at an extra discount.

Click here to order the Ibiza Routeplan and use our routes as a convenient and flexible way to discover Ibiza.

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