This are the 6 most made mistakes on the road in Ibiza

In general, the roads on Ibiza are well maintained and you can easily explore the island by car or scooter. To be well prepared and provide you with extra tips, we have described the 6 most common mistakes on the road below, along with a tip, so that you don’t have to make this mistake again :-)


1. Navigating without offline maps in Google Maps

Mistake: Relying on online maps without a good internet connection can quickly get you into trouble. Not everywhere on the island the internet connection is equally good, meaning you could suddenly find yourself without navigation.

Tip: Download maps offline before you set off. That way you’ll always be prepared, regardless of internet connection. In the Ibiza Routeplan you can read how to download the map of Ibiza offline.

2. Ignorance of local traffic rules

Mistake: Many drivers are unaware of specific traffic rules on Ibiza, such as the use of roundabouts and speed limits in certain zones.

Tip: Take the time to familiarize yourself with local traffic rules before hitting the road. For example, there are several speed cameras on the island to check speed. When taking a roundabout, you will almost always encounter two lanes, note that when leaving the roundabout the outer lane always has priority.

3. Wrong parking

Mistake: Parking in Ibiza can be a challenge, especially in busy tourist areas such as Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Many people park in unauthorised spots, which can result in fines or even towing of the vehicle.

Tip: Use the designated parking spaces and pay attention to the signs and different zones.
White zones: free parking.
Blue zones: Paid parking.
Yellow zones: Parking is prohibited.

4. Not taking into account the hustle and bustle of the high season

Mistake: In high season, Ibiza’s roads can be quite busy, especially around popular beaches and tourist hotspots. This can lead to delays and frustration if you are not prepared.

Tip: Try to leave early in the morning and combine destinations that are easily accessible. The Ibiza Route Plan takes into account the crowds in high season and avoid destinations with poor accessibility. Avoid losing precious holiday time.

5. Refuelling too late

Mistake: Petrol stations are sometimes hard to find on the island, especially in the more remote areas. It is a common mistake to wait to fill up until you are almost out of fuel.

Tip: Fuel your car or scooter on time. Check where the filling stations are along your route and make sure you always have enough fuel to reach your destination and return.

6. Forgetting to bring sunscreen and water

Mistake: This may not sound like a typical traffic mistake, but trust us, it’s important! The sun in Ibiza can be intense, and dehydration or sunburn can spoil your driving fun big time.

Tip: Always make sure you have plenty of water and apply sunscreen regularly, especially if you are driving a scooter or convertible. It’s a small effort that makes a big difference.



Driving in Ibiza can be a fantastic experience. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will ensure that touring Ibiza goes smoothly and you can fully enjoy all the beauty the island has to offer.

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