What is the best car to rent in Ibiza?

What do you need to know before renting a scooter in Ibiza?

If you plan to explore Ibiza, besides renting a car, renting a scooter is also an excellent way! In this comprehensive guide, we share 10 tips with all the essential information you need for renting a scooter in Ibiza.


1. At what age is it possible to rent a scooter in Ibiza?

The minimum age for renting a scooter in Ibiza varies per rental company, but is usually between 18 and 21. Check this in advance to avoid surprises.


2. How much is it to rent a scooter in Ibiza?

The cost of renting a scooter on Ibiza depend on several factors, such as the type of scooter, the rental period, the season and the extras you want to add. On average, renting a scooter costs between €30 and €70 per day.


3. Where can you rent a scooter on Ibiza?

There are many scooter rental companies to be found in popular tourist areas such as Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Santa Eulària des Riu. If you walk through any of these areas, you will soon find several rental companies.


4. Insurance and deposit

Insurance: Basic insurance is usually included, but if you want extra peace of mind, you can choose for comprehensive insurance. This can cover any damage or theft.
Deposit: Most rental companies ask for a deposit which is blocked via credit card. This amount will be released when you return the scooter (undamaged).


5. Extras and accessories

Many scooter rental companies allow you to add extras and accessories to your scooter, such as a top case (a box to store extra luggage), an extra driver, an extra helmet or lock. Consider which extras you need and add for extra safety and comfort.


6. Additional costs

Consider any additional costs for adding accessories or having your scooter delivered to your location. Additional insurance may also cost extra.


7. Safety and equipment

Wearing a helmet is compulsory on Ibiza. Make sure you get a well-fitting helmet from the rental company. Wear comfortable and protective clothing. Avoid wearing flip-flops and make sure you have sturdy footwear.


8. Collecting your scooter

When picking up your scooter, check for any damage. Take photos of existing scratches or dents and report them to the rental company. Avoid being held liable later for damage you did not cause. Complete the rental contract carefully and read the terms and conditions. Also check which insurances are included and whether an excess applies.


9. Driving on Ibiza

The roads on Ibiza vary from wide motorways to narrow, winding roads. Drive carefully, especially on the smaller roads. Adapt your speed to the conditions and be alert to the road surface. Due to the heat, the asphalt can be very slippery in some sections.


10. Returning the scooter

Make sure you return the scooter on time to avoid extra costs. Have the scooter inspected by the rental company and get the deposit back.



Renting a scooter in Ibiza is a fun way to explore the island. With these steps, you will be well prepared and set off safely.

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