What is the best car to rent in Ibiza?

Hopefully, you can’t wait to start driving the beautiful routes in Ibiza and discover the island’s most beautiful spots. But before your adventure begins, you need to choose which car to rent. Through this guide, we will explain more about each type of car and help you make a good choice.


Compact cars: For small company and budget-friendly

We start with the compact cars. If you are travelling on a budget or with a small group, these smaller cars are a good choice. Think of models like the Fiat 500 or the Opel Corsa. These type of cars are budget- friendly, easy to drive through the, sometimes narrow streets, in the cities and easy to park.

Fuel-efficient: These cars have a low gasoline consumption
Easy parking: Parking a small car is a nice advantage in the cities of Ibiza
Manoeuvrable: easy to drive all over the island!


Medium-sized cars: for the family or group of friends

Are you travelling with the family or a group of friends? Then a mid-size car such as a Seat Arona or an Opel Crossland is an excellent choice. These cars offer more space and comfort, perfect for longer journeys and transporting several people.

Space and comfort: Plenty of legroom and comfortable seats for everyone.
Safety: Medium-sized cars are generally well equipped with extra safety features.
Luggage space: More space for all your luggage or beach gear.


SUVs: Extra comfort with high seat and extra space

Are you looking for high seating comfort, extra space and do you need to drive a bit off-road? Then we highly recommend an SUV. The SUV Models like the Volkswagen T-Cross or the Peugeot 3008 offer the perfect mix of comfort and ruggedness.

High seating position: Better view of the road and surroundings.
Off-road capabilities: Ideal for driving on rough terrain.
Space: Plenty of room for passengers and luggage, perfect for a longer day.


Jeep in Ibiza: for the adventurous

Do you want to have some more adventure and to explore Ibiza’s rougher terrains or for those who want to tour the island with extra experience, a jeep like the Jeep Wrangler is an excellent choice! These rugged vehicles are made to handle any terrain and offer an unique driving experience.

Rugged and strong: Perfect for off-road driving and exploring the rougher parts of the island.
4×4 Capacity: Suitable for all types of terrain.
Freedom: With the sunroof option, you can enjoy the outdoors even more.


Convertibles: for the ultimate Ibiza experience

Do you experience the ultimate holiday feeling? Then opt for a convertible like the Mini convertible or the Fiat 500 convertible. There is nothing like the feeling of the wind through your hair and the sun on your face, all while you are driving along the beautiful roads of Ibiza.

Style and fun: Perfect for those who want to drive stylishly and with the wind through their hair.
Panoramic views: Enjoy the stunning views without anything between you and nature.
Holiday feeling: A convertible makes every drive special, even the short trips to the supermarket.


Luxury cars: for the luxury traveler

For those who really want to pamper themselves, we can promote luxury cars like the Mercedes GLA or Range Rover sport. These cars offer the ultimate combination of comfort, style and performance.

Comfort: First-class seats, advanced technology and a comfortable ride.
Style: Make a statement and arrive in style.
Outstanding performance: Powerful engines and a superior driving experience.



We can offer you all types of cars so we advise you to make your choice that suits best to the trip you like to make! Have a look at our car rental service to rent your car in Ibiza. We hope this guide helps you make the right choice. Rent your car, grab your route plan and go on an adventure on this magical island!

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